I think @mjd will have to act on @tregeagle's behalf.

'Please can you tell Andy, I thoroughly enjoyed that dry one liner mocking the Kiwi cricketer'.

Rather like a couple who have had a row and the child acts as the go-between.

@mjd @tregeagle

Matthew - Please may I offer my most sincere apologies. Given recent events, the reference to a 'couple having a row' was probably inappropriate, hurtful and caused you much upset and offence which was never my intention.

[ Cue Ruben - 'Please can you tell Andy I enjoyed him putting his size 10 feet in it with the comment about the 'couple having a row' ]

@mjd @tregeagle /me notes @tregeagle interacting with me on I think he must have been pissed on too many VB's last night.

I don't know what @tregeagle's talking about. #Mastodon posts are showing in his timeline. Perhaps it's what he means by "able to interact" that we're misunderstanding. #Melbourne's cold, wet weather, and the ready availability of beer with flavour by the pint, is a heady mixture.

@mjd @tregeagle Now he's arrived in hipster Melbourne, he's probably sporting a beard, donning red trousers, eating Kale sandwiches and using a iPhoneX which would explain it.

I think @mid was implying I was too drunk to interact. As if. It was my fat fingers and woozy amygdala to blame
@andyc Not a bit of it, dear chap. I haven't thought of myself as part of a couple for so long that I never made the connection.

@mjd I thought not but thought (hoped) it might raise a smile 🙂

You are such a sensitive chap @andyc I'm sure @mjd is fine. I'll tell you what, I'll buy him a schooner of Tooheys next week on your behalf. You can owe me.

@tregeagle @mjd I'm privately tormented wondering who got custody of the 'Dr Who' VHS tapes.

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