I don't seem to be able to interact with posts from mastodon.sdf.org :(

@tregeagle Now that @mjd has more time on his hands, maybe it's time to upgrade that ancient GNU Social instance to the latest version.

@andyc The latest version of #GNUSocial _is_ ancient. The last stable release was is 2014. The last commit to the allegedly upcoming release branch (which we're on) was 3 years ago. It is an ex-platform. Bereft of life, it rests in peace…

@mjd Well stop moping and get yourself into the 20000's and upgrade to Mastodon. Or Pleroma. Or Drupal with the ActivityPub plugin. And if there isn't one, write one 🙂

@andyc @mjd also, ostatus support is getting dropped from Mastodon.

@mjd Mind you, if you haven't changed your Gnu Social platform in years and @tregeagle used to be able to interact with mastodon.sdf.org (and can still do so with other instances, maybe it's an SDF issue. In which case, revert to doing very little and drink red wine.

@mjd Puzzled how @mjd can interact with me on mastodon.sdf.org but @tregeagle can't.

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