I'll be honest. I'm slightly pissed off about this story

I saw R.E.M. perform at Twickenham stadium in August 2008 and when they performed 'Country Feedback' during the encore, I was absolutely distraught, in pieces, in floods of tears.

As veterans (and Peter Buck) know, this song means a lot to me and appears on my legendary Funeral setlist.

Did Michael Stipe seek me out and off me a free T-shirt or an interview for ?

Did he fuck ?!?!?!?!

I was the same with the #Pogues at the Hordern Pavillion in #Sydney 2012. The Broad Majestic Shannon always gets me for some reason. And I weep buckets every time I watch the 30th anniversary DVD recorded about a month later in some obscure continental town called Paris. But does Shane ever stand me a round in Filthy McNasty's? Granted I'm some way from Islington, but for a free drink…
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