to 'Join Hands' by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

@andyc One of my favourites is Killing Jar for some reason. 😉

@andyc Now you've got me started. #Listening to Peepshow. Then probably Superstition. Two of my favourites. But do I have enough wine for both albums? Phew. Baden-Powell taught me well. I am prepared. #dibdibdib

@mjd @dick_turpin I'm not a great Siousxie fan. I only own the first 2 albums and loosely know a few singles from Kaleidoscope, Juju and A Kiss in the Dreamhouse. Dunno why.

@andyc Probably because you're a couple of years older than me. When I first started earning (well, that's a stretch - let's say making) money Peepshow was the last album and Superstition the next. But then you get into your twenties and begin thinking that there's more to life than vinyl and alcohol. This is technically true, but you neglect vinyl and alcohol at your soul's peril.

@andyc @mjd Like a lot of middle-aged men, at the time, I wasn't massively into punk it's only now that I kid my self that I'm nostalgic for it.

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