Still getting 'forcibly ejected'. Customer thought that Cloud meant he had to use generic, shared accounts. Weird.


...and the rather, delicious irony is that he is quite obsessed about security and the transition to the Cloud. If we were allowed to configure the networking properly, we wouldn't need this Jump Machine'.

Also, he sends me RDP shortcuts 'for your desktop' and assumes the use of Putty generated keys when I am using Remmina and openssh from Arch.

@andyc Not going to name names for obvious reasons but I overheard CYB ( @tig and @MunkyBone will know who I'm on about) say to one of our engineers "I bet you have to use that ssh to log into it. Typical when we use putty here." 🤦‍♂️

@MunkyBone @andyc @tig They once tried to cross him with a monkey, the monkey rejected him!

@dick_turpin Probably too much back hair and did not like his penchant for playing with his feces @andyc @tig

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