Pity we can't do Polls on Mastodon. I suspect I'm the only bastard who steadfastly didn't have a Twitter account out of all of those supposedly freedom loving folks from the identi.ca 2009 posse.

@andyc I never had one ;) I think there is a few people here that never had one (not that I have something against twitter - I just never had a reason to use it)


OK - confession time. You're a better [wo]man than me. I have, in fact, had Twitter accounts - twice in fact but they were fairly short-lived as I found myself consuming this infinite stream of dross (literally) while simultaneously contributing nothing and ended up following 'celebrities'.

As Kurt memorably said, 'Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are'. People should remember that.

@andyc I think you can have the same community on twitter as here if you're just carefully selecting people. The thing is the fire hose is a lot bigger on twitter than here - so potential for a lot of unproductive stuff and probably a lot harder to interact. (This is me speculating as I've never been on there - so hard for me to really tell)
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