@andyc maybe install privacybadger and ublock instead.

@theru Thanks. Will evaluate but is there any overlap between these two add-ons ?

@andyc well pricacybadger blocks tracking - ublock origine blocks ads and possibly tracking. You could spine up a ubuntu/debian vm on the freenas and install pihole - and just point the dns to that - that way you block both ads and malware.

@theru Yes. I've heard good things about pihole and that way everyone in the household would benefit transparently. But I don't want a lot of CPU load put on the NAS and what if it goes offline. Does it fail gracefully ?

@andyc it's supposed to run on a PI (I've had it running on a pi zero) so it doesn't really take much cpu. If it shuts down its you'll lose dns
@andyc I did combine pihole with unbound - that way I can have dns over tls and have a local zonefile for stuff on my local network (to many things to remember ip addresses)

@theru ...and you accuse the other chap who suggested 'noscript' as being 'too technical'. LOL.

@andyc for the user :) try and install noscript and see how much of the internet is working.
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