@dick_turpin I thought that, even N years on, most of the LugRadio people had more hair than you :-)

@andyc I think it was a tenuous way of talking about Ade and LugRadio by asking if I was part of that show. Once I said I was not but did know all of them he seemed to lose interest in talking to me any further. LOL

@dick_turpin Yeah - I understand @rpcutts gets similar treatment about .

'What ? You mean you were just a guest on a single episode ?'

'Yes but I once spent £243.79 to travel from Newcastle to London just for a drink with the founders that got rather messy. My, how we laughed.'

'Sorry but I don't believe you. Feck off'.

'But, but, hang on, I know Ed Morgan. And Luke Slater.'

'Who the hell are they ? More 'guests' ?

'Well, err, yes'.

@rpcutts Yeah. Real shame I no longer visit Nissan in Sunderland...

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