Bloody hell. Sometimes I think we’ve come a long with with acceptance, racial/gender/sexual equality and then at other times, it seems like we’re back in the 1970’s - except that Alf Garnett was a fictional character.

If I’d been on this plane, I would have interjected and not politely as the gentleman did here. RyanAir didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory either.

@andyc these viral videos of racists show the racist is usually a coward too as they only ever seen to abuse women. Would he have said what he said to a group of young black men? Of course not as not only is he is horrid racist he's also a horrid racist coward.

@Luke An elderly lady who was brought to her seat in a wheelchair. The lack of interest from the fellow passengers was almost as disgusting.

@andyc couldn't agree more. Do hope I'd speak up if I witnessed something similar. To move the victim and not that vile man was simply disgusting.

@Luke My wife would have probably tried to stop me (for fear we got ejected from the flight) and I doubt I would have acted 20 years ago but FFS how can you let that sort of racist abuse to a lady the age of your own mother go unchallenged ?!

@Luke ...although as someone just pointed out on the radio, perhaps easier to move the lady back with her daughter than face the awkward decision of who had to face that twat being relocated next to them. Not an issue though it they remove him though. 'Are you alright now, Sir ?'

@andyc ideally he'd have been kicked off the flight for being abusive, not relocated elsewhere on it.

@Luke Anyway, in other news, a good win for the Seagulls at Newcastle.

@rpcutts @andyc Newcastle fans aren't happy and rightly so! Bottom of the table. Thought Brighton played terribly but really they scored 1 more goal than Newcastle and that's all that counts.

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