Nostalgia trip. When it slowly dawned on all of us that the was changing.

Sadly, it was no longer a pub where you could walk in, greet the landlord with a quick witted one-liner and be rewarded with a silent nod across the room from the alcoholic sitting on his own in the corner.

@andyc some of is are still in the corner with a pint. You just have to wade through the sea of bots now.

@andyc my timeline there is pretty much just the Landlord now, it's a sad place

@stardot Well yeah but (my instance) is dead. As in Norwegian Blue. But time moves on, things change...

@andyc @nybill Haha … I totally forgot this photo of the happy pumpio people. :D

@morph @andyc when I first saw it, I thought for a min it was Evan and crew. :P

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