I just wish more people would stop canceling developers and stopping to use their software just because they have a different political opinion.

I wish usage was more distributed among hosting solutions.

Right now has a dangerously big monopoly on open source development.

For those that are looking for an alternative, I've found to be a great replacement made by someone that actually cares about open source (one of the lead developers of sway and wlroots)


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Human psychology is such that people hate truth bombs. Even the ones who insist they have an open mind.

Can we please stop politicizing everything...

Maintainer of the popular discord bot API library discord.py resigns, leaving the library unmaintained.

He cites the way discord is locking down the API and forcing bots to use their slash commands instead of prefixes along with bot intents as the major reasons why he's leaving.

This kind of behavior from discord is exactly why I switched to element / matrix and IRC


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