So happy to see there is a new season of Documentary Now!

@andyc haha fair! I struggled with iPhone support in Linux for a while and got pretty excited when I figured it out (disabling iCloud photo sync), but I see yours is not a technical problem :)

I was excited to identify the huge bug on my window. But as I read further in the first search result... are people getting high off of bugs? Is this a thing?

@andyc not sure exactly where the reality ends and the joke starts but I’ve found the iPhone to be way easier to use (transfer data to and from) in Linux than my previous Pixel thanks to libimobiledevice and ifuse for mounting.

I almost wish I had a reason to buy some of this new powerful hardware. But I already have way more power than I need in any of the computers I’ve used this past decade.

Dropped off wife and kids at the airport today, will join them in Japan in 1.5 months. In the mean time, lots of running, hiking, and home improvements.

Done with trial of a personal kanban for task tracking. Back to org-mode.

geek docker insults 

@ParadeGrotesque I agree it would be incredibly opaque and frustrating if it were not possible, but you can always run a shell inside a container.

Also it doesn’t have to be a single application in a container, that’s just a “best practice” that I don’t always follow. Maybe dive a little deeper, you’re about where I was when I went from a skeptic to loving them.

@laemeur Seems like US citizenship is a liability unless you live there. Not sure about your specific situation but it many cases you shouldn't have to pay any US taxes, but you do have to file and figure all this out which is annoying. I'd drop the citizenship for that reason alone.

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Took a look at the ‘Trends’ section of this client for the first time... wow toxic waste from every direction. There was at least a picture of budding flowers which was nice.

Boeing sounds like it’s fallen into the same traps as the worst software products I’ve worked on. I hope things turn around.

The thing I find most amazing about the Mueller report is the URL. What kind of content management system are they running at the Justice Department?

Slowly falling in love with my new Unicomp Ultra Classic.

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