Very late to the party, but finally discovered the power of XMPP today after talking with folks at LibrePlanet. Set up a server on my domain and just moved all my scripted alerts away from email. Thinking about moving my primary phone number to xmpp-based for a few bucks a month too.

@ando hey, which folks were you talking to? Was it a talk, or is there a synopsis I can read?!

I am always looking for new uses of ! ^_^

Also, is kinda interesting! If I am not using a phone, I might point that number there, since it is the same amount of weirdness as a telephone company, but actually useful.

@maiki Denver Gingerich had a table there promoting, he's the creator. I was interested because I jump between the US and Japan, and would love to keep my US phone number available without being tied to a US service provider.

Anyway, the discussion was really just around the table, wish I remembered more names! Denver also gave a talk about making sustainable free software businesses, but it was not specific to

@ando Well, there's an endorsement to show up at this things, ne? Thanks for the info. ^_^

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