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Took a look at the ‘Trends’ section of this client for the first time... wow toxic waste from every direction. There was at least a picture of budding flowers which was nice.

Boeing sounds like it’s fallen into the same traps as the worst software products I’ve worked on. I hope things turn around.

The thing I find most amazing about the Mueller report is the URL. What kind of content management system are they running at the Justice Department?

Slowly falling in love with my new Unicomp Ultra Classic.

Really liking the alternative interface for mastodon.

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For those looking for an #xmpp client on Android then conversations is pretty good.

I'd be somewhat interested in a fitness tracker for features like heart rate and a silent alarm if it could be hidden (say on my leg or upper arm) rather than as a cheap-looking piece of plastic on my wrist.

Very late to the party, but finally discovered the power of XMPP today after talking with folks at LibrePlanet. Set up a server on my domain and just moved all my scripted alerts away from email. Thinking about moving my primary phone number to xmpp-based for a few bucks a month too.

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Smart card forwarding with Fedora--gonna try this later with my Yubikey.

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For those interested in computing history there has been a slow movement towards "liberating" old Byte columns which sat behind a paywall for no good reason.

The latest freed work is the BeView column by Scot Hacker which is now archived in its totality here:

Note that BeOS "lives on" as Haiku ( and its most amazing feature at the time was the multitasking "smoothness" allowing multiple video streams to play at the same time.

Enjoying the new Command Line Heroes podcast. First two episodes cover the time when I started using open source. Looking forward to see where it goes.

Just enough snow to be a little annoying this morning in Boston.

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Please rmemeber that Microsoft is sharing tons of patents with trolls who casually sue GNU/Linux when they will write another "we :heart: Linux" tweet.

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