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the instance I'm on,, is closing. Any recommendations for a new one?

Feature thought:

When replying to someone, what if their profile text was pulled up and placed somewhere near the box you were typing in, to give you a better idea of who the fuck they ARE in this modern nightmare hellscape free of all signifiers of a person beyond "their choice of username and maybe an icon, if you're lucky"?

I think I'm gay for people being gay for people?

quote from a video of jeremy corbyn i just saw 


teremy corbyn (tracksuit jeremy corbyn)

is your child a Member of Antifa? here's how to decode their secret anti-government messages:

MTF: Mail The Firearms
FTM: Fuck The Military
AMAB: All Millionaires Are Bastards
AFAB: Assassinate the Fascists, Assassinate the Bourgeois
HRT: Hurry, Read Trotsky
SRS: Socialist Revolution Strategy
NB: No Bourgeoisie
Egg: a Sleeper Agent
Deadname: an Assassination Target
Binder: a Dossier of Sabotage Targets and Political Enemies
Passing: Concealing your Radical Communism from Family

hackers don't do startups. if you made a startup, sorry, but

Hola friends,

As 2019 is ending, have a look at how we have fared this year,climatically.How hot are we?Pretty hot.
Three surface temperature datasets suggest 2019 will be the second warmest year in the instrumental record ( >85% likelihood).

Virtual guarantee this will be the 5th year in a row more than 1°C above late 19th C, and a top 5 year. It will be certain that the top five years will have occurred in the last five years.

5 warmest years in a row is not a good sign.Earth is changing.

Every year I hope for a point where in which there is actual change from people.This year brought Greta Thunberg, Earth has a bright future, with these children, But I am sincerley scared,will they inherit it?
The change in global currents is alarming.India alone saw 6 cyclones in a row.My hometown in kerala had floods consecutively for 2 years.
There is a pattern in this chaos.Earth has given warnings.Please heed them & change.
We have only one planet.There is no place like earth, the exo planets we found doesnt even come close to earth ( in terms of beauty & life support systems ).Lets unite to protect it.

Happy weekend :)

Look, I know all about the separation of fur and state. Alls I’m saying is I don’t think I could vote for someone who didn’t have a fursona.

rumour has it that when u boost a [post u die fujckin wild man what he hethe ehel

I'm not sure who to recommend for because everyone is so cool and also I don't know who even wants to be followed

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