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my nesting partner paid for sailfishOS and I'm still slightly amazed

me, furiously, crying: im not sapiosexual!! i find people attracting who have niche interests and hearing them talk all about them because i like hearing people explain things they're passionate about and i also like listening people whose experiences are VERY different from mine and whose areas of expertise barely overlap with mine

also me, pushing up my own glasses: that's sapiosexuality with extra steps.

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I have very realistic transition goals,

I only want to be the hottest person alive.

you're supposed to hold a mirror up to the propaganda. once it sees itself it will collapse on itself, killing the propaganda and granting you 248 XP

You are immune to propaganda for 2.5 seconds. 5 second cooldown.

what's it called when a company makes you sign a predatory agreement before using their software? 

a dracEULA

up late enough to watch bun hop around, though I also had to take a little nap since I need to sleep a lot. she sniffed my hand a couple times, what a cutie

signal finally sorta kinda pretending to have key management


w h e w PAs positive covid results doubled from the beginning of the week

me, talking shit: haha

me, when someone tells me to log off: federation is an inherently flawed concept [1/32]

aliens built Big Ben. the English could never have done it on their own

Really good thread on the origins of "restorative justice" (spoiler alert: the cops). CW for discussion of abuse & the twisting beyond recognition of indigenous practices

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