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"natural philosopher" implies the existence of a "supernatural philosopher"

x in the sheets, y in the streets in the streets
tired, wired, inspired in the sheets


courts removing parties, the electoral college ignoring even that one time that right wing dude got 19%...

uspol electoral 

hard to twist my brain into acknowledging this isn't a democracy & still voting


hm, maybe I will eat healthy

my body: become lorge ,for it will be cold soon. donuts for every meal

song: mentions a specific location
me: 🤔 this song has bad opsec

🎶save me from the garsh thing I've become🎶

I know they want the virtual library to be as close an experience to the real library as possible, but I think this is taking it a bit too far

kinda weird multiple systems only get to vote once

meta, blocks, advice 

people can block you on here for any reason, or no reason. it doesn't need to be anything you did wrong, and it very much isn't something you should try to repair — it's just them curating their experience. there's no easy irl analogue for it. and just as they don't need a reason for blocking you, you don't need to worry about it. you're not responsible anymore

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