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Even though this article goes into why, I simply do not get why there is so much anti-vax sentiment out there.

(The story within the story here is how two mothers learned the almost-hard-way why vaccines are so important.)

Y2K follow up 

I wrote a letter to the editor a couple weeks ago noting that Y2K was not, in fact, a hoax. Someone responded a few days later saying it was all manufactured and equated it to climate change.

Today someone else wrote in reaffirming my position. It's a good letter.

Transcribed for your convenience:

Let me, a computer engineer with 30 years' experience, assure Rob Howard that Y2K was no "manufactured crisis."
There's an old joke in I.T. circles -- "To err is human. To really screw up royally requires a computer." Bug-free software is extremely difficult to develop and when software goes wrong very, very bad things can happen. We don't need to look any further than the Boeing 737 Max aircraft.
It is undoubtedly tempting for someone who doesn't know or understand the details to minimize the threat of an unexploded bomb after the bomb disposal expert has done his or her job. The Y2K threat was averted by many years of effort by many highly skilled people. It is a huge mistake, not to mention a disservice, to demean and deride their efforts.

The futurist part of my brain is certain that Isabel Fall's helicopter story, and its context, are going to be taught in history classes in 100 years, anyway

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I'm constantly impressed that one can start technical discussions On Here without it always turning into a flame war or holy crusade, and responses are generally thoughtful and considered and bring a wealth of viewpoints, expertise, and experiences to the topic.

Y'all are pretty neat. As always, thanks for being y'all.

destroy liberalism. root out fear like a truffle pig. fuck a star. bend gender in your robot limbs. paint in mixed media. crush. kill.

Remember folks, a site that fails to render in incognito mode is a site best left alone 👍

I love how much people here celebrate one another

“ President Bill Clinton escalated the drug war that had been originally declared by President Richard Nixon and then escalated by Ronald Reagan. Clinton escalated the drug war beyond what many of his Republican predecessors ever dreamed. And he did so in part to prove that he could be tougher on them, the black criminals, than his Republican counterparts.”

Youtubers, and any other content creators that receive adshare from their platform, are also workers in the gig economy and should organize for their rights

"I will fight the alt-right online by posting memes with ableist depictions of people and reusing meme templates made by the alt-right." - very online leftists apparently

the noises my phone makes when plugged into a speaker and not playing audio

uspol, electoral 

biden is a republican

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