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delete your youtube account

back it up first but delete it

there is no way to express the concept "cannot be set on fire" in english, and due to the sapir-whorf hypothesis this means that all monolingual anglophones are arsonists

logging on to find out what everyone is punching their keyboards over


content is either nsfw or for children, if you make either kind it will be demonetized, and if your channel isn't profitable it'll be closed.

Plundervolt – the latest security vulnerability in Intel CPUs:

– Paper: (PDF file)
– Plundervolt exploits privileged software interfaces that are used to adjust frequency and voltage of CPUs.
– They corrupted the integrity of Intel SGX by controlling the voltage when executing enclave computations.
– SGX cannot protect against Plundervolt.

#plundervolt #intel #sgx #vulnerability #cpu #infosec #security

@melissasage I have often wondered why we're not living in multi-generational households and consuming far less. I think it's because we equate consumption with wealth and happiness, and we equate living "on our own" with independence despite its being the exact opposite. Of course, for this to change parents need to stop flying helicopters and/or forcing their children out of the house.

man it's absolutely astounding how capitalism has made the means of subsistence so advanced that so few people actually need to be involved in the basic work of meeting human needs like producing food, compared to even just a hundred years ago.

and then we take all of the labor power freed from that and instead of like, reducing the workweek, or investing it in education or science or art, we invented bullshit industries like advertising to keep everyone working but make sure society doesn't get better

I've noticed that the more time I spend on the internet, the more I only read things that were written, like, two weeks ago at most. It feels almost impossible to *find* anything older than that, let alone read it.

How did the internet, a vast medium with almost unlimited storage capacity, become the place where people only read or watch things created in the extremely recent past?

I have adhd and try not to cross picket lines but if you need youtube to focus, try

- nanoblocker for chrome/firefox
- mps-youtube for the console

then you at least won't be watching ads/tracked

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @lesbianhacker hey here's a horrifying question! what do you think the carbon footprint of the NSA is

some days it feels like I'm the only person who remembers Ed Snowden

"don't nationalize this big tech company!!! imagine if the government had access to this data!!!"

God Can You Imagine A Dystopia Where The Government Had Easy Backdoor Access To All Our Communications, What A Wild Hypothetical

@turtlebirb just as an aside, let's not forget that the reason we're talking ADHD is because there is currently a YouTube walkout being held, so please don't go to that YouTube channel until the 14th.


abolish fbclid/utm tracker/twitter impression links

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