painting a big 'cw' on the white house, then clicking on 'show less'. the us empire finally destroyed

the seven habits of highly effective shitposters

@frickhaditcoming we're on comcast and they didn't make me rent a router but they were weird about it. $30/month for 60mbps but they do throttle websites randomly, you -need- a VPN. dunno if they do the permacookie though

Part of successfully reducing car dependency is being conscious about how far away things are and doing things closer to home when you reasonably can.

Don't just shrug and get in the car and drive for 45 minutes to something because you can and the only difference to you is some time in a comfortable car. Really contemplate every vehicle mile, take opportunities to reduce them, and seek out ways to work mass transit into trip planning.

pirating shit PSA:

do not pirate shit without Tor or a VPN over your home internet connection or a monitored network (work, a public wifi with an email signin you didn't bullshit, etc)

for torrenting or streaming video content: use a VPN. They can monitor what you download but literally none of them give a shit because their business model relies on enabling piracy and bypassing region-locks.

for anything else Tor is probably okay and can't be traced back to you. just keep in mind that Tor bandwidth is a public resource and some people need Tor to browse, so you shouldn't waste it on stuff like seeding in P2P networks or inefficient downloads.

Laptop stickers are just bumper stickers for nerds

a polycule but we're also a devteam together

won the game a long time ago, you can too, you just have to not buy into its ideology

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