can i get someone to upgrade my mastodon instance for me

i need to upgrade it but do not have the energy

people who transcribe songs that nobody else has even heard of let alone will ever want to play are braver than the troops

Bioethics; Anti-aging "treatments" 

if you're going through hell,


Make the next legal U-turn

ev nonsense 

wait now i wanna write a superhero story where public perception turns against the heroes and they're banned and it turns out it was a great idea and everyone is safer and the superheroes weren't doing good or important things after all, and nonviolent civilians take over important things like directing traffic

and then the final page is just blank with large block letters that say 'this is about the police'

Silly Date Story, alc 

interview question: 80% of the company now relies on a weekend hack you implemented in an internal service. what do you do?

Dr Quantum
A Quantum of Quantum
From Quantum With Love
A View To A Quantum
Never Say Quantum Again

Dr No Time To Never Die Twice Another Day Tomorrow Forever

Five Incredible Methods For Using Wasabi To Prevent The Undead Returning From The Grave

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