i'm gay
I cry when thinking about the death of my loved ones
and I VOTE

I care about your alien love triangle shenanigans?

Thinking about the intersection of increasing-but-still-very-dim awareness of "trans" as something you need to write into fiction, and SF stories with advanced cybernetics and effective mind-body dualism, resulting charcters going "I m a trans, which you may never have heard of" in settings like Ghost in the Shell and grinding my teeth.

wait what happened, like 3 people I follow and really like are... just gone ? did I miss something

@liaizon @Nicolas_Maduro first world leader on fedi? (besides @denikombucha@playvicious.social ofc)

The president of Venezuela, @Nicolas_Maduro just joined the fediverse!

the main thing to know about ethicists is they don't know trolleys have brakes

if you're running a site and it uses cloudflare

consider: not doing that

@endomain they like the splitting off into rooms and raising hands I think

and the backgrounds, maybe?

YES, i want to receive a free newsletter with infrequent product updates and offers

YES, i give consent to be used as a test subject for being bombarded with scalar radiation

YES, i want to be drafted into the skeleton war when i die

Follow-up post regarding Jitsi instances:


We briefly checked the landing pages of 72 public Jitsi instances:

– 92% didn't contain a link to a privacy policy.
– 10% contained tracking code, like Google Analytics.
– Only 11% didn't embed tracking code AND linked to a privacy policy that likely meets requirements of the GDPR.

#jitsi #videoconferencing #privacy

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universal healthcare means even non-snitches get stitches

just typed cd `` by accident and, of course, it just did cd...

the next time we need to recognize a marginalized sexual or gender identity, let’s make a concerted effort to call it by something starting with the letter O

pls hear me out

we’ve painted ourselves into a bit of a corner with the current set of letters, so there aren’t many outs. however with the simple addition of the letter O we unlock acronym options like


and suddenly pride isn’t just a pile of letters, it’s big wetlands energy

this is just one possibility...

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