For some reason, I'm currently fascinated by twisty bizarre online legal drama involving shenanigans by narcissistic twerps who want to silence ALL of their critics.

fedi be like: 

@thufie don't let voting stop you from rioting or vice versa

uspol electoral 

Socialist Presidential Candidate: ‘It’s Time Workers Are in Power’ -


the way russian news shows side with trump every time the topic of the election comes up, to the point of unquestionably repeating all his statements, is extremely annoying

salty about people claiming "carbon neutral" campuses when all that's neutral is the energy being used to run the buildings day to day. nothing about the daily activities inside, the sunk carbon costs of the buildings themselves, maintenance on them, the food served in them, or vehicles going around between them, to name a few things i'd like to harp on.
grr do better


Today the EU failed to #VoteThisCAPdown and basically made their insufficient so-called climate and environmental targets impossible to reach.
And no-one even knew it happened.
Thanks to all lobbyists, news editors and MEPs who made this happen. We won’t forget...

@Likklewicked there's mobilizon which is still in beta and which isn't federated, I don't think. getting groups/pages/events off facebook is a really good idea and I hope it can happen

Can I make a page/group on here?? I wanna move Lockdown Banners to here off of baitbook x :anarchoheart2:

Hi peeps, consider this my INTRO. I'm a mother, activist, lover, human rights master. Tree hugging anarchist. Freedom of expression and the right to know is very important to me. Currently on a river in London and wanting to get the f.away from fb GCHQ n all the weirdos who try n control others for kicks. Huge love for this platform. x

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