Should libraries run search engines? It seems that the original point of a library was to organize human knowledge and culture for the public benefit. The benefit has been great, but libraries aren't the main tool for finding information now. Search engines are. The notion that a library needs to be for books only is an arbitrary limitation. This oversight allowed corporations to move into that traditionally non-profit role, and I'm not convinced they've done a particularly good job.

@amsomniac While I certainly wouldn't knock it my interest personally would be more in seeing what the librarian field could do in terms of taking their skills at research and information cataloguing and coming up with something different than the current options. Even if that different thing was just a search engine that deliberately didn't want to index the whole internet but instead tried to be extremely opinionated in what they bothered to index.

@amsomniac it would be neat to separate 'indexing' and 'ranking'.

Searx (or something like it) is indeed interesting: you could plug in data sources for information not currently well-indexed, while still also including 'long tail' results from general-purpose engines.

Adding customizable (and perhaps eventually: federatable) ranking tweaks is on my 'someday maybe' project list :D.

Perhaps not as ambitious as what @distractedmosfet is thinking about though.

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