These days everyone seems to be rather busy being anti-this and anti-that and anti-everything-in-between.

You know what? I'd rather people tell me what they actually stand *for*, not everything they are *against*.

@fribbledom I'm for
- communism
- anarchy
and by extension, or, as motivation
- making sure everyone gets food & housing
- making sure earth sustains life

@amsomniac @fribbledom how do anarchy and communism fit together? They seem like opposites

@nickchuckwalter @amsomniac @fribbledom Basically: Everyone does what's best for the whole society, without anyone having to tell them to.

@Parnikkapore @amsomniac @fribbledom huh ok. What happens if someone goes against what’s best for everyone?


@nickchuckwalter @Parnikkapore @fribbledom this is a question I've been thinking about a lot recently esp. in the context of police terrorism. I've been reading prison abolition texts and learning about transformative justice, here's a resource collection on that (can't vouch for everything there):

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