anyone google can't track is a robot

☐ Prove you're not a robot

@amsomniac Happened to me yesterday when I had the audaucity to try to use Google via tor.

After about 10 or so screens of identifying zebra crossings and firehydrants, I was told that I'm a robot.

Firehydrants by the way. Why do they expect someone not from a very limited number of countries to know what those look like?

@loke I've added the "switch tor circuit" button to my toolbar and I just click it until it stops asking. Way faster than CAPTCHAs

@amsomniac That's what I eventually did. I rarely have to use Google via tor, but in this case it was a search that had failed on ddg.

Turns out that the Google search didn't give me any more information anyway, so it was all wasted time.

@loke I was using google scholar for this post

I wonder if there's a good alternative

@amsomniac I rarely have to search academic papers. But the times that I do, Google scholar tends to be where one ends up.

It may be hard to create a competing service, because of the way pulbishing works, with everything locked behind paywalls.

Perhaps sci-hub should create something?

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