I *understand* why pamac defaults to [y/N] when installing packages, but it's still annoying because I hit enter out of habit from using apt and pacman and then I have to run the command again.

@kzimmermann good luck indeed. it's impossible. they can't control every single server in the world. crypto is math -- someone will just invent a new protocol. software will be open-source, so anyone can implement it (like tox or xmpp)... it's an empty threat and they know it. They just want these companies like WhatsApp and Signal to allow backdoors, and they're using this as leverage.

@librebuddys This is EXACTLY what I am talking about. That's just not true. Open source is also about having freedom, it just doesn't shove it down everyone's throats and act as if non-free software is some sort of demon. No need to "get into that very soon", this is where the conversation ends. Good luck with your FSF approach.

@librebuddys I've read it many times before. Like most things that come out of Stallman's mouth, it's completely insane and militant. It's his way or the highway, and that approach *does not work* in the real world.

@amrowsell @librebuddys GNU/systemd/X/Gnome3/Linux?

Not to be confused with GNU/systemd/X/XFCE/Linux of course.

@librebuddys If the GNU project wants to put out their own distribution of Linux, they can call it GNU Linux if they want. But they haven't ever done that. Trying to force a name you came up with onto someone else's project is just a dick move. Just like most things the FSF does -- they are overly aggressive, authoritarian and completely turn people off to their message. Hence why it's called open source software now -- they knew how to make it work in the real world.

@librebuddys Explain to me how GNU was missing only a kernel. It had a desktop environment? It had graphical word processors? A web browser? Sure, the underlying components like the compiler and binutils and cron are important, but the kernel is such a massively huge piece of the puzzle that it's totally disingenuous to insist on calling it GNU/Linux. On my distro of Linux GNU utilities make up a very small percentage of what I use on a daily basis. So why does it get to be in the name?

@librebuddys GNU is not an operating system, unless maybe you use the GNU utilities with the Hurd kernel. That whole theory that Linux just happened to stumble into a "complete" operating system is clearly Stallman wanting credit despite the fact he never made a working kernel until a few years ago. I don't know how else to put it -- There's no such thing as GNU/Linux. There's Manjaro Linux, for example, which I'm currently using.

@librebuddys Stallman is just annoyed that Hurd sucks (because it's a microkernel) and is throwing his toys out of the pram because someone got there first. Sure, Torvalds used gcc and binutils to compile the kernel. But if you have to name your projects after the development tools you use, then I think most software developers are in for a shock when people start calling it GNU/Mastodon or GNU/Firefox.

@librebuddys God I am so tired of people making this stupid argument. Calling it GNU/Linux is total, utter nonsense. GNU is as much a part of the average Linux distro these days as is Wayland/X, KDE, systemd and other important pieces. You don't see them arguing to be in the name. Anyone calling it GNU/Linux is completely missing the point and is insulting the hard work that actually happens inside Linux. Stallman is such an arrogant asshat, and his philosophy is unworkable, as is his approach.

I want to take a moment and express affection and love for every human who defended *actual* clowns or circuses today.

Some day, down the road a bit, it will be safe to perform again. When that day comes, I'll be doing it for you.

In the meantime, keep breathing, being kind, and punching up. <3

it's RAVE TIME with @snowdusk ... tune in now for some bops!

char *audioBuffer = (char *)malloc(sizeof(char) * 64);

5:41am: Haven't been able to sleep, starting to finally feel tired. Wrote the beginnings of yet another coding project. Never used DACs much but this should be fun if it can handle processing the data fast enough. I think it shouldn't have too much of an issue... 8kHz sampling rate for testing. If there's CPU to spare, I might take it all the way up to 11 or 16kHz.

There's a speedrun marathon of the Ar Tonelico / Atelier / Mana Khemia games happening now at the RPG LImit Break twitch channel:


"Real Time Alchemy". It's really cute and relaxing and exactly what I needed today.

urgh I am so tired of wearing a mask. but also my blood boils when I see others on public transit not wearing one. it's not that much of a cross to bear, really. especially considering the alternative. people are just fucking stupid sometimes.

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