Ugh, I really should update my BIOS on my laptop. It's only a few months old but the BIOS that it came with is one of the earliest revisions. This is possibly the ONE area that running Linux full-time is a problem. And only if you use a laptop not supported by fwupd. Sadly, Acer haven't joined LVFS and only offer BIOS updates as .exe files... so I will have to try one of the many alternative methods as posted on the Arch Linux wiki.

Booting into FreeDOS looks promising. Otherwise, I will use the Windows PE trick. Failing that... Win10 maybe? Trying to think of how I could even boot into Windows 10. Install it from USB flash drive to external hard drive, maybe? If I can find an external hard drive laying around somewhere. Or just fill the other empty m.2 slot with a cheap SSD... all for a BIOS update.

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In summary --
PLEASE support the Linux Vendor Firmware Service ( so I can get BIOS updates on my Nitro 5 laptop without having to find a way to boot into Windows.

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(This was a Twitter thread that I reposted here because I figured some folks may have similar experiences and be able to offer tips/tricks?)

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