Trying out different Mastodon clients for Android and so far none really do it for me. Mammut has the nicest interface but lacks features. Subway Tooter is full featured but has a fairly ugly UI that's hard to use. Ivory looks like it will be good but it's in beta... any suggestions?

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@amrowsell I use the F-Droid store, and find the Fedilab application useful. It supports Pixelfed accounts as well as mastodon the other one I downloaded but haven't tried yet is called AndStatus.

@mnw Yeah, I used to use Fedilab when it was free. I just installed Musky and its actually really nice so far! I'm glad there is lots of choice.

@amrowsell I didn't pay for it. Is it a paid application somewhere? I'm also a big fan of choices! :D

What's your sip client?

@mnw For SIP I am just using the built-in Android SIP client, so it integrates with the normal dialer.

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