SDF VOIP is amazing. I can't believe how good the call quality is! Talked to my mom in Norway for 2h, and my dad here in Canada for 2h. Now I'm in the market for a VOIP phone so I can actually have a phone!

@amrowsell Just a VoIP client app on your existing mobile phone should do the trick. Otherwise, for actual hardware, Snom make great robust devices with sensible software (albeit closed source IIRC)

@yojimbo At the moment I am using the VoIP for my phone because my cell is DOA. Going to hopefully pick another one up soon.

@amrowsell The GXP2170 is nice (and fairly cheap on eBay), not sure if SDF supports G722 or Opus to your destinations, but it supports both codecs.

@bikecurious Thanks for the tip! I think SDF does support G722 ... if that is the same as ulaw. I will google that phone now!

@bikecurious That one looks nice -- but I was seeing Cisco-branded ones with SIP firmware for even less... some well under $50

@amrowsell Which Cisco phones were you looking at?

The GXP2140 runs the same firmware as the GXP2170, here is one for $33 USD:

Alternatively, I have lots of extra handsets from broken GXP2135's (there was an LCD slow death issue on early ones) if you wanna pick up these:

The DP720/DP750 are also handy, might look at those instead. Usually runs ~$35 USD each for a handset or base station.

@amrowsell nothing beats an ATA (analog telephone adapter) and an old POTS phone.

@amrowsell I like Yealink DECT phones. They're basically old-style portable phones that do SIP.

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