How important should #SEO be to a #website, or the #business, or #person that owns it?

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Do you even need a personal blog site if you can post articles and stuff to better platforms already?


is it better to try and run your own #blog, or just use an established platform such as #medium?

Adam's holding a survey on the US's handling of #COVIDー19 for a univ. final paper, available in both English and Spanish. *only do one of them.*



#University #survey #COVID19

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I've long held that my personal sexuality is irrelevant because I'm married. I'm married-sexual, as it were. But that ignores the help it can do to share publicly with others who may struggle with the fear of being different.

I have considered myself bisexual since high school, have had relationships with men and women and married a woman. I guess these days I'd have to amend that to being pan since trans people are sexy as hell too. Never dated one though.

Thanks @nydel for inspiring this

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