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Well it took a while (10 years) but with @fabsh @methoddan et al spontaneously and surprisingly re-appearing here, we're partying like we did on back in 2009 !

Pity we can't do Polls on Mastodon. I suspect I'm the only bastard who steadfastly didn't have a Twitter account out of all of those supposedly freedom loving folks from the 2009 posse.

It is a pay week. Put in trades to buy shares in a different oil tanker ship company that pays a nice dividend as well as shares in a NASA/DoD contractor that built stuff for the space shuttle. Hopefully those go through.

Shotcut is an open source video editor for #ubuntu. supports many formats; no import required, native timeline editing; Blackmagic Design support for input and preview monitoring; and resolution support to 4k 🎞🎥🎬

snap install shotcut

I'm so old I remember when the entire tech industry FREAKED THE HECK OUT at the idea of 'Total Information Awareness' and now it's just 'yeah, that's literally our business plan, what's wrong with it'

Preparations will continue at work for this. That there is still pending litigation doesn't make this any easier.

And for those of us that missed checking in to the @SDF Amateur Radio Club Sunday Night Net, has a copy of the traffic audio from tonight available here:

Maybe, just maybe, I'll remember to actually check in to net next Sunday. MYCROFT! Set a reminder!

I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

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