Nobody Watches Netflix's Original Shows, And That's A Huge Problem
Remember when your bank's web site would only allow log ins with IE6 (no other browser or version allowed) "for security reasons" ?

I started a Litepub branch in little-boxes (and I will try to simplify the lib at the same time).

Step 1: removing the JSON-LD stuff \o/

San Francisco's War Between The Rich And Homeless Is At "Boiling Point"
Trump To Be Blamed For Next Recession, But Americans' Lack Of Responsibility Is Real Culprit
Feminist Vegan Cafe That Charged 18% 'Man Tax' Shuts Down After 24 Mos

@lnxw48a1 But all they know is how to use Adobe's tools for corporate education! This is a place where Moodle use would be great but that won't fit into their pointy little heads without an order from POTUS. Then again, he seemingly gets treated like a Comrade General Secretary of the USSR suffering dementia based upon capital rumors.

Meanwhile, my bureau's mainframe went EOL 2 years ago and it is still chugging along at Maximum Military Power...

One very bad thing about scientific papers being behind paywalls is that (competing) pseudoscience isn’t behind paywalls, so it’s easier to find misinformation online than to find facts.

I hate when my departmental secretary defies the Congress and, upon reflection, has a darned good point.

Hillary Outlines "Roadmap" To Trump Impeachment, Says "Anyone Else Would Have Been Indicted"

@moonman Orange jumpsuits that have D.O.C. stenciled on the back should be mandatory at some point. Then again, I was seriously thinking that my bureau should go to orange jumpsuits as mandatory uniforms including for the lawyers who have to go to court.

Electronic Authentication Security Controls Have Improved, but Continued Progress Is Needed to Ensure the Protection of Public-Facing Applications

If this does not have you absolutely terrified and you have a job in IT you need to look at it closely. None of your itsec journos are even talking about this continuing disaster yet.

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