Okay, here's the problem.

If the funding deal is all settled, why is my union freaking out? I know NTEU has lobbyists on Capitol Hill. Apparently their nose count is that this really could still fail in one or both chambers before even reaching the President. That was a very, very strident e-mail asking the union membership this late at night to contact their members of Congress.

Countdown clock remains running, sadly. 73 hours remain on the clock. timeanddate.com/s/3sej

Preparations will continue at work for this. That there is still pending litigation doesn't make this any easier.

And the over-the-air reception looks decent at this hour of WSEE-TV VSIP 35.3

'It's crazy. It's loony': Republicans giddy as Democrats champion Green New Deal


If you’re looking at no chance of a floor vote in two whole years, where do you go from there? Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is getting shuffled off to corners by House leadership and marginalized. What’s her next move?

Trump cornered on border wall — The president doesn't have GOP support to go through another shutdown or declare a national emergency - pressuring him to back whatever deal Congress makes.


MAGA all-stars visit border to plot private wall project — Steve Bannon, Kris Kobach and Erik Prince are among the backers of an improbable effort to start building a border wall without federal funding.



Plan to evacuate queen if Brexit goes bad — There are no indications Whitehall’s emergency plans would involve relocating Queen Elizabeth II to the Continent.


The remote receiver units in the garage are standing up to the cold for now. I didn’t intend for a stress test but things happen.

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