This ignorant article overlooks that the departmental offices were depleted except for the Commissioners of Internal Revenue and the Fiscal Service plus a single extremely junior Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. If that Assistant Secretary had left the Order of Succession would've put the Commissioner in the SecTreas hot seat with no deputies. All the departmental offices posts have been seen as "radioactive" so they've been very difficult to fill with any human beings whatsoever. 1/

When diversity concerns like this come up, I find them frankly incredible. We're lucky anybody took any of the top jobs at the Treasury at all to fill in the blank spots in the order of succession. This bit of concern mongering from POLITICO is just a wee bit over wrought and misdirected:


The *better* story is why can't the largest bureau in the Treasury keep itself staffed? What will happen when our tax collectors just give up then resign en masse? One more government shutdown and the machinery of government might not restart. Why? If we hit the shutdown anticipated in October a rather large chunk of the IRS staff are going to run for the hills and *they won't come back*. There is no "Magic Money Tree" to pay for federal programs...


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