On Tax Day, The IRS Is Short Of Money

Oh, there is FAR more fraud with the nickel & dime fraud by Joe Six-Pack. There is far more money to collect from all the nickel & dime fraud than from the “wealthy”. The math seems counterintuitive but in-house Research & Analytics shows it repeatedly in released reports. It might not feel right to Mr. Crist but it is true.

@alpacaherder When you tax the major income sources of wealthy people at less than half the rate of wages, & when the tax code is so complex that even the people tasked with administering it have no way of doing so consistently, & when it has practically been adopted as a national sport to squeeze out every last cent of tax advantage to which one might by any argument be entitled ― well, you could see it that way, I suppose, but it seems like special pleading to me.

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