Made my first, teeny tiny stock purchase with a teeny tiny notional amount of money on a known public-facing trading site today.

What did I buy? Within the $100 I had to work with, I bought: 2 shares of CNSL, 1 share of HA, 3 shares of SALM, and 10 shares of IHRTQ. The first three all produce dividends on a nice, predictable schedule which will bring in needed "unearned income" to use a technical phrase from work. As to the last one, sometimes you must do crazy buys with a very long view.

So who are behind those symbols?

IHRTQ: iHeartMedia Inc (Previously known as ClearChannel)
SALM: Salem Media Group Inc. (Conservative media conglomerate)
CNSL: Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc. (Wholesale broadband)
HA: Hawaiian Holdings Inc. (Airline holding company)


As for doing this now, frankly I don't see any better time. Many prices have crashed so the time to be a vulture is now. Salem won't be disappearing at least during this administration. Hawaiian Airlines is the biggest air carrier to that state and does quite a bit of business. CNSL issues dividends consistently. iHeartMedia may fall over but I'll find the fracturing and possible buyout(s) to be interesting.

I have a tiny bit of money in TreasuryDirect to earn money in US Treasury securities too.

Someone said to sign up for a "Simple" bank account as they have great interest rates. Unfortunately I have yet to succeed at that. I'm not sure what trouble I hit there.

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