First day back at SMU after the winter break. Good day. Made progress on research proposal to Department of Energy, caught up with awesome people, mucked up a desktop linux upgrade (slowly recovering), and scheduled a run for the afternoon. Recovery from the autumn is commencing nicely.

@steve Thankfully Energy got full-year appropriations on-time. NSF, not so much.

Correct. My work is funded by DOE. However, my spouse's work is funded by NSF. So in this household, from a professional perspective, we'll be feeling the squeeze in terms of stress about when we can expect NSF to reopen and its excellent staff to be able to interact with us again about funding, support, projects, etc.

@steve With the ludicrous situation developing, I may wind up handing out money while not being paid. The staff may mutiny en masse.

@steve I may be seeking counsel in the morning about an All Writs Act action if things get weirder still.

Yeah ... this whole "the IRS will pay out tax returns even though the IRS is shut down" thing is insane. The courts are going to eat the executive branch alive on this one, as it's a clear violation of law, if I understand that correctly.
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