**Britain's Labour Party splits over Brexit and anti-Semitism**

"Seven lawmakers split from Britain's opposition Labour Party on Monday, saying that the party leadership's failures over Brexit, anti-Semitism and a culture of bullying in the party had left them no choice. "


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I'm sure I read a good blog post about how to integrate language-community packaging (e.g., PyPI) in with modernized distro packaging (i.e., snap, flatpak) — as in, a look at the challenges and approaches, not as in 'hey I have the answer everybody'. But now that I'm searching for it, I can't find it. Does that ring a bell for anyone?

Are you interested in how to bring secure, private, peer-to-peer distributable content to the fediverse that can survive nodes going down? I've finished writing the documentation for the #Spritely Golem demo which explains how to do just that: gitlab.com/spritely/golem/blob

It also includes a running, workable demo which you can try yourself. Please do and let me know your thoughts!

Still working on something on Leanpub. It isn't even NaNoWriMo! I'm not happy they won't let me reduce the price below a certain threshold but I'll try to make the report document as complete as I can.

Finally got Qtel set up to get back on and might actually be ready for net next week. The Amateur Radio Club has an interesting net. Maybe I'll give others something to listen to on next week?

Please join us for the #SDF Amateur Radio Club weekly net starting at 00:00 UTC on Echolink node 9229, the *TECHLINK* conference, or streaming on anonradio.net.

#hamradio #amateurradio

coming up in 6 minutes on aNONradio.net is the SDF weekly - Looking for to join TECHLINK 9229 or you can listen to the on aNONradio

The Amateur Radio Club weekly net is about to start on TECHLINK9229. I have to keep writing as I've gotten some page count in. I'll be listening on and you can too by plugging into your local VLC or favorite stream tuner the URL anonradio.net:8000/anonradio

Two Trump Cabinet Officials Were "Ready To Support" 25th Amendment 'Coup' As Rosenstein Tallied Votes https://quitter.im/url/1947009

Band name:

Digital Snakes In Worship

heck if I can work out what genre though

A GUI #gopher browser, and it's written in #racket !


> This project is still under construction and is barely functional. Patches welcome.

/by @erkin

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Yay, finally saw Spider-Verse.

It is a good film and was nice to watch.

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