What happened to mastodon\.network ? Domain appears to be parked.

The Mueller Report's Active and Passive Idiots

We are so verily screwed. I could take a few squads out from work and probably engage in better skulduggery. We're all de facto trained interrogators already who elicit & evaluate information to build case files every day at work.

Experimental US cannabis drug claiming to treat diabetics to be trialled in Vanuatu

Drug dealers from Colorado exploiting the people of Vanuatu. This has got to stop.

Hampshire College

These nice people are about to lose accreditation. I wonder how much a takeover would cost. There would be significant change if I were in on that. Lots of stacked credentials and focus on the intersection of technology and humanity would replace narrative evaluation and non-traditional curriculum structuring.

Stacked Credentials would be the most important point of change.

Lyft IPO To Set Record... For Fastest Shareholder Lawsuit Ever https://quitter.im/url/2299926

Sri Lanka government declares curfew, shuts down access to major social media sites

Of course you shut down the Internet after a mass attack? This shouldn't be normalized but increasingly is.

What movie is this screenshot from? I wandered into this while testing the Over The Air receivers. This is odd.

“U.S. Intelligence Says Huawei Funded by Chinese State Security: Report.” Reuters, April 20, 2019. reuters.com/article/us-usa-tra

🔥🔥🔥The Burning Times are coming...🔥🔥🔥

WSEE 35.3 as seen in VLC on my phone. I've got the wireless bridge to the receivers in the garage back up.

Doing the dance with NameCheap registering a new domain. I probably should register an additional trade name with the Ohio Secretary of State. I need to think about this.

Someone mentioned some job searching tasks. I asked them whether they were using QHandjoob http://weboob.org/applications/qhandjoob #weboob
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