The fatal shooting in a #Corona Costco ... apparently the only shooter was an off-duty police officer [SGV Tribune . com] #Riverside_County !SoCal

I did a little workshop at #LGM19 this year called "When In Doubt, Print it Out". We had a lot of fun playing with bar-code scanners and small receipt printers. I finally got around to tidying and documenting things enough to make public:

If you're doing work with #screenless interaction and #smallprinters it might be a useful starting point.

@hackernews Australia has no free speech. I've seen Australians say this is a great thing.

Could the internet really fracture into a few isolated defensive zones? NATO internet, Chinese internet, etc?

Diffu is a Free Software allowing authors to publish all kinds of texts or articles and to aggregate the reactions they generate on social networks, especially through #ActivityPub such as #Mastodon, #PeerTube, #Pleroma, #PixelFed, #Funkwhale, #Hubzilla, #GNUSocial ...

Diffu is a kind of free and federated alternative to #Medium or other applications that are not always easy to install.

More information about @Diffu on the mockup site

ReToot are welcome 😉 !

Oberlin College case shows how universities are losing their way | TheHill

With luck, they close and US Space Command can buy the campus for use as a base not too far from the infamous NASA facility Plumbrook Station.

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