'We cannot cross this line': Glenn Beck warns 'red flag' laws could lead to civil war in America - TheBlaze


Current proxy status:

+ if host == "youtube.com" or host == "www.youtube.com" then
+ print("sending youtube to invidious")
+ host = "invidio.us"
+ end

Employers Struggle With Hiring Undocumented Workers: 'You Cannot Hire American Here' : NPR


Considering the number of small mom & pop restaurants locally that employ citizens just fine the contentions in this article offend me greatly. What makes us special that we can avoid hiring illegal aliens locally in our restaurants? Is it a lack of supply of such persons?

its official! thanks to storage upgrades that have occurred this week toobnix.org is now to content - send a note to membership for an and start a

Hi mates!

Since Mastodon is removing oStatus in next release i would like to keep a link with you, so i'm following you from my Friendica alt account @silkevicious
Feel free to do the same...or not! :-)

@xrevan86 @6gain @morph @lnxw48a1 @chalkahlom @boneidol @bobjonkman

MetaArray IV "Side B" has arrived .. ssh mab.sdf.org to help build it.

Distrowatch News: DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 827 This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Q4OS 3.8News: Ubuntu works toward ZFS on root, Haiku team improves performance, OSDisc shuts downTips and tricks: How to find filesReleased last week: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7, Ubuntu 18.04.3, Voyager Live 10Torrent corner: AUSTRUMI, BeeFree, Endless, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, KDE neon, OSMC,.... distrowatch.com/10635

good bye old hardware for ol, miku and norge. you have served the community well. these pieces are available at the Seattle RE:PC soon. without drives of course.

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