haven't been on here much

how are things going with you
tell me about cool stuff you've done

I've also been doing research into formants and voice generation because why not, you know :>

I'm on the third rewrite and I'm much more comfortable with the architecture this time around.

I have some pretty grand ideas about data distribution across networks, plugging wake on lan and IoT things into it, and voice programming, but, let's take this slow :)

Oh, and there's a theoretical bug in the logging system where we don't get the right module name because Saturday's modules are not global, so we need to do some jiggery pokery to get the correct name.

Saturday's logging systems are ready. I just need to ready the interface components.

I'm not sure whether modules should have a weighted component. Like, we search the most recently used modules for triggers. I've also been mulling around a general variable system for passing around verbal data. I'm uncomfortable with the interface though.

There's more acting in the "tears in the rain" scene in blade runner than there is in the entirey of BR2049

I rewatched Blade Runner 2049 and while I was very obviously ill and missed a lot of the story last time around, I think I was still accurate with my assessment that it sucked.

There was barely any tension, there was zero character development, the acting was so-so. They dumped everything into the cinematography and the sound and it made a mediocre-at-best-film.

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I want a computer I can use for my work that makes crackles and whirrs and wizzes and pops and plinks and clicks and brrrs. modern computers are quiet which means all the soul has gone from them.

From what I can tell we haven't had anything truly new in systems-space programming since MULTICS, except for the invention of the pipe.

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@pbandkate if we only farmed for what we needed, I think people could eat what they wanted, but capitalism necessitates overfarming for profit and it's going to kill us

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@pbandkate let's not forget that farming of things like soy is literally killing land and forest at such a rapid rate that it's harming the environment

If you want a new hip and cool unit of time to use, go for kiloseconds.

3.6 kiloseconds is an hour, a day is 86.4.

I forgot what makes it convenient but I remember after reading a story that used it that there are some shortcuts you can use that means it's incredibly convenient

audio electronics seem so cool but I can never get the hang of the digital tools, and I don't have the money right now to invest in buying kits

Handy tool I found through need: "units" - a unix program to convert from one set of units to another. Available on all Bell Laboratory UNIX computer systems. Also there's a GNU version that's 20x as complex.


That being said it's interesting that so many people have taken it on-board as being true. People seem to hate superpositions and unknowns.

If there are five different people claiming to tell the truth, and all of the stories are equally true but fundamentally conflict with each other, you don't pick the most interesting one and assume that one is true! You especially don't base your entire philosophy around that being true??

Reminder that just because the 'Many Worlds' interpretation of QM is in-line with experimental and observational evidence does not prove it to be even remotely true.

The fairies in the garden were also fully consistent with every experiment and observation that was conducted, that does not mean that there were fairies in the garden.

Updating my CV with some stuff I've forgotten and it hit me I've been programming for around 10, 11 years now.

I have about 8 years of experience in C. It's crazy to think about this kind of thing

Updating my CV with some stuff I've forgotten and it hit me I've been programming for around 10, 11 years now.

I have about 8 years of experience in C. It's crazy to think about this kind of thing

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