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Case in point: try reading the following:

Subject: =?utf-8?Q?Your=20order=20is=20being=20shipped=20=F0=9F=8E=89?=

This whole UTF8 code salad for one (ONE) emoji in the Subject line. Sheesh.

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Hmmm. I tend to expect a lot from people, only to end up frustrated.

Writing a compiler for the past week has not made me as frustrated as trying to use Materialize on the last couple of hours.

Speaking of which, looks like it's been a while since toot'ed here. I'll try to update it a bit more.

Just finished writing what seems to be the hardest part of a compiler, for the nand2tetris book.

Well, that was one of the toughest pieces of software I wrote (and re-wrote until I got it right) so far. And I am proud of myself for doing it in about one week or so.

Okay, already at half of nand2tetris, and implementing everything in Common Lisp. Let's hope I can get the part 2 of VM specification up and running.

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If you're still using NoScript, I highly recommend checking out uMatrix as a replacement.

uMatrix is a flexible and more advanced resource blocker allowing you to enable or reject CSS, images, cookies, scripts, media, and more across multiple domains.

#firefox #umatrix #noscript #freesoftware #privacy

Suddenly I feel this urge to step away from all mainstream social media and instant messaging. Let's see if bboard and mailing lists are saner.

After about six months, I finished GEB last week. Now I'm going through nand2tetris, and halfway into Quadrivium. After those I'll pick up SICP and Gödel's Proof respectively (and hopefully not at the same time).

This two-books thing seems to work well when one book is not as deep as the other.

Note to self: always laugh at startup owners who see electron apps for desktop & mobile as "innovation".

2018 was of great use to me. Joined SDF, started hosting my JS-free blog on it. Read about 3/4 of GEB, started some sort of academic research on AI... and now I'm finally going on with nand2tetris (and hopefully returning to SICP as soon as I finish GEB). All of that not counting IRL of course.

Let's hope 2019 is just as joyful and productive 👌

Aaaand one less chapter on nand2tetris, some more to go.

I might be a little too puritane, but what is the actual point in asking someone to solve your programming college assignment, specially in a computing-related course? You won't understand shit about the other person's code, you won't understand shit about how to write it, and you'll get no fucking new knowledge at all. Holy hell, why can't certain people get that the only way into mastering programming is by practicing?

I'm finally going full Emacs on my Linux box. Either I'm a full-fledged nerd or a really bad case of "try-hard kid".

Online courses advertising rant 

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