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New post on my gemlog. This time I'm discussing a certain kind of criticism on Christopher McCandless' story, which came to light once again this week.


Just wrote a few stuff on my spare notebook I use to write thoughts, and I realized I don't want to put them in my blog, but on Geminispace, however, I feel like I should. Bless the small internet.

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Happy birthday, Gemini! 🚀​


I'm back with news! Just started my gemlog at Gemini (see my profile), and I also have a new laptop.

Feels good to be back here.

Why the heck is it so much more satisfactory to study something on your own rhythm, instead of following a strict plan?

This will probably trigger a bunch of people, but I don't like Lennon nor Beatles, with exception of a few songs (of the band, not of Lennon's solo carreer).

Heard some celebrities were singing Imagine to show support to the whole COVID-19 situation, but I don't get the appeal.

Impressive how a pandemic was able to make me use Emacs as Window Manager so I could type notes while studying and browsing the web at the same time

So... Schools suspending classes in my town already. Two kids already suspicious of COVID-19.

If that happens to college, then I guess I'll finally have time to read Spinoza and a few papers...?

So many problems appearing in front of me right now, and they're not even my fault.
If I make it through this week, I can definitely do anything I want in my life.

I'm sorry, I can't help but dislike Akame ga Kill.

I can't stand seeing WordPress in front of me anymore

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There's also a book I ordered which talks about enactivism, more related to my research topics on college, but I must be careful not to start reading when it arrives. I still have some papers to read in parallel with the other books.

And then... Maybe some Wittgenstein and Kant.

Current read list progress:

- DC's Kingdom Come (done)
- Dear and Glorious Physician (story of Saint Luke) (done)
- The Ghost in the Shell 1.5 (in progress)
- Serrano do Pilão Arcado
- Three books of writings on philosophy of the mind

And I thought I could only read tech stuff.

Here's a fact about helping people with programming.

Without spoonfeeding: person learns to acquire proper knowledge, and you'll seem like a mofo who doesn't want to help.

With spoonfeeding: person walks away satisfied but learns nothing, and will annoy you again eventually.

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Sometimes it seems like people mistake me for a very extroverted person...

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hello! i wrote (!) about has css has evolved over the past 20 years, at least as i remember it

Today I'm resuming my nand2tetris exercises which I stopped a few... months ago. Fortunately I'm still excited about this book.

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