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Football teams' rivalry in Brazil is pretty much fueled by the Dio Brando philosophy: "It is not enough that I should succeed; others should fail as well".

Seems like Mozilla finally released that WASI and Wasmtime platform thingy. Time to start developing my language so it takes advantage of it.

Finally got free time. So many things I could do today:

- Make progress on the Bel interpreter
- Write for my blog
- Learn the Lean language
- Design a cover for my book

But I'll just pick up a book and spend the evening reading instead.

It's so hard not to buy a new, interesting book. Just saw a very good introductory quantum computing book, but I can't pick it up until I finish reading the ones I have right now @.@

Not always will we actually find happiness on all things, but now is always the acceptable start for a new life. Wash your impurities, leave the weight of whatever mistakes you made, and keep what you learned. March on; go forth.

Sometimes it is very important to remind ourselves not to feel bad over stuff from the past. What is done is done. How you choose to live from now on, and what is valuable to you right now is what matters the most. The rest are stepping stones of your learning process.

Undoubtedly, it is like someone once told me: College actually hinders studies by keeping you busy.

I just wanted to go back to developing the Bel interpreter and to making progress on my research project.

Why is there always some f*ing essay to write for college? The amount of stuff I have to write every week seems infinite

I have a chapter to write until Friday. I was supposed to work on it now, but I will not -- it's been consuming every ounce of my energy, so today I'll do something different.

I'll just take a break and read more of my new buddhism-related book.

My last days were dedicated to writing introductory programming material for freshmen. The idea is to have a crash course, and then the materials would count as didatic stuff, which would add to my curriculum.

It's truly a work of resilience 😅

I don't get this whole trend of hating C. I'd understand if it were C++, PHP, or even Java, but C?...

One thing that makes me happy about that is... I'll finally have a decent SML compiler here. No more translating code from The Little MLer into OCaml to run it.

Just found this awesome solution which compiles APL into an intermediate language into Futhark into C + OpenCL.
The problem is... I have to compile everything, including a SML compiler, because Void Linux does not provide MLton nor MLkit.

Got back to using Twidere as both Twitter and Mastodon client. Nice to see it now has transparent background too. Plus... It's free software!

What the heck?! My SDF page simply redirects to the main website...

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Y aurait-il de l'intérêt pour un groupe d'utilisateurs #BSD à #Montreal #Quebec ? (S'il vous plait, booster)

Anybody interested in a #Montreal #Quebec #BSD user group ? (Please boost)

#OpenBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #DragonflyBSD #HardenedBSD

So, I have a few Portuguese content on my website and someone said that birdsite is good for showing programming stuff. It seems that birdsite is good for software popularity.
Guess I'll surrender to it once again.

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"If anyone tells you that others speak ill of you, do not make excuses about what is said of you. Instead, say: 'He does not know me very well, to have only mentioned these faults.'"

- Epictetus, 'The Enchiridion'


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