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why does everything have to be about a left and a right nowadays? let's just enjoy stuff we like to build and fuck the rest

Hmmmm, back home after eating a bunch of sushi. Couldn't ask for more

The amount of books I intend to buy exceeds way too much the amount of those books I can read per year.

One cannot simply hope to read GEB and SICP (w/exercises) while attending to college...

Well, it seems the whole Brazilian election thing infected my Telegram groups as well. I'd better bury my head in the sand until Monday morning.
Mastodon and SDF seem to be my last sane places.

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welcome to PHP, where block scope does not exist and everything works "funny"

also, celery is now fruit

Jesus Christ why the heck do people HAVE to use Facebook for work-related stuff? I can't even view videos consistently on it.

Guys, is it better to start with MIPS or just go straight to RISC-V?

I'm reading so many books for a project but I can't help thinking that I have to start making something right now

For some very fortunate and interesting reason, the words "Gödel" and "Zen" keep hitting me in unexpected ways, every time I go deeper into Lisp programming and AI.

Hmmm, I should probably update my Gopherspace pretty soon. Let this be a reminder to myself.
Next post is probably going to be related to Land of Lisp book, which I am finishing (hope to do so this weekend).

Testing Ubuntu Phone now! Feels good to run actual Linux on mobile. Will keep this as my failsafe device.

Trying out Sailfish OS on an old phone. It ain't half bad.

As Brazilian elections approach, every day convinces me even more that I should take a step back from mainstream social media, at least before the actual election day.

Anybody knows how to enable SSL on my SDF webpage? The tutorials make it seem so easy, but even following them my website remains inaccessible when it is active

You know what, it's time I finish Land of Lisp once and for all.

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Lisping Copyleft

From Abstract:
This article analyzes the LLGPL, a specific attempt to apply the LGPL to a language with a programming paradigm and method of building and distributing programs that traditionally differs from C. In addition, this article attempts to understand whether the LLGPL actually succeeds in its stated goal of translating the LGPL to the Lisp context or whether the LLGPL changes the requirements and philosophical moorings of the LGPL.

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Human eyes can only hear 15 fps, therefore FLAC images are pointless

Some early thoughts on a project I'm planning. It is related to Lisp Machines.
I would appreciate if you got anything to say or help me on it:

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