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Testing Ubuntu Phone now! Feels good to run actual Linux on mobile. Will keep this as my failsafe device.

Trying out Sailfish OS on an old phone. It ain't half bad.

As Brazilian elections approach, every day convinces me even more that I should take a step back from mainstream social media, at least before the actual election day.

Anybody knows how to enable SSL on my SDF webpage? The tutorials make it seem so easy, but even following them my website remains inaccessible when it is active

You know what, it's time I finish Land of Lisp once and for all.

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Lisping Copyleft

From Abstract:
This article analyzes the LLGPL, a specific attempt to apply the LGPL to a language with a programming paradigm and method of building and distributing programs that traditionally differs from C. In addition, this article attempts to understand whether the LLGPL actually succeeds in its stated goal of translating the LGPL to the Lisp context or whether the LLGPL changes the requirements and philosophical moorings of the LGPL.

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Human eyes can only hear 15 fps, therefore FLAC images are pointless

Some early thoughts on a project I'm planning. It is related to Lisp Machines.
I would appreciate if you got anything to say or help me on it:

Actually, I'm more interested on the page generator than on the whole solution itself, hmm.

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Hmmm, I believe I found the right tool to start writing stuff at my webpage ( Let's see what it has.

I just... I always lose my shit when dealing with lammers. I can't help it. I always end up either calling names or making fun of them

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Wife was asking what 503 error code means. I showed her this because it’s easy to remember after this
#fun #joke

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Woops. Apparently, McCLIM is licensed under LGPL2.1+ (w/o Lisp preamble), which is super vague for image-based software. Im' still gonna try implementing a GL2.1-based backend for it, but gonna stick to Nuklear as a default UI backend in an engine. That would basically still allow using McCLIM in bodge, but with a just a little bit of additional effort.

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the next Lisp Game Jam starts on October 19th! if you've ever wanted to try making a game with lisp, this is your chance! #gamedev

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Hurricane notification, offer of help 

I think I'm gonna just bring down my "IRL" blog and use my SDF page. Seems like a reasonable choice.
And then, I could script something in Common Lisp to process ORG files and turn them into blog posts.

Ugh. Alright. One just cannot sing properly after having coffee.

Verified on SDF 😋 Now off to setting up my page.

Is it even possible to read a whole book using a computer screen? ):

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