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@ffuentes oops 👀
Just disabled HTTPS enforcing, should be fine now

@ffuentes Dang, that's bad.

But perharps you could use imap instead of imaps when invoking upas/fs

@ffuentes @SDF @rat It is already on the mailing list. Here's the link:

(just noticed it has a huge amount of typos on less relevant parts... will fix that later)

@SDF @rat I think I'm gonna make a post about email configurations hopefully I'll also send it to the mailing list

@kvothe Not gonna deny, writing Go makes me feel like a little robot in terms of style and way to do stuff. Beep beep. Though... even sticking with basics, every year it feels like libboost is a staging version of C++

@kvothe C++ surpassed Go in number of features even before Go existed hahaha

@sir Limbo maybe? Never seen it used outside of Plan 9 though, but it looks good

@rat [r] on VPS console reboots Plan 9, so you need to send your keys on factotum once more, then call aux/listen1 once again to allow drawterm to connect to the CPU. I recommend using [c] if your Plan 9 shell was already started before -- you can always do ^] to leave it anytime and keep it running

Just managed to access my VPS on the new server, after being trolled by my ISP's DNS.

Thank you so much @SDF, everything is much faster and smoother now!

@_Ashtar_Ventura @SDF I managed to run Mario Bros here using the trick I said before, but it's very slow and there is no keypress recognition, as I said before.

Perharps this screenshot will open your appetite

Changed wallpaper again. Couldn't handle the black and white depression

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While participating on the Plan 9 Boot Camp on SDF, I came up with the idea of throwing my N810 into the mix to get into the madness. Unfortunately I couldn't get past the login screen due to extreme lag from several ends, like with the VPS, the N810, and my own bad connection.
Great experience with a great community.

@ffuentes You mean the config? I had to recompile rio with a small patch. Fortunately it only needs a few lines of code in the end of a specific function.

Take a look at this link:

For all of you weeaboos, here's what Plan 9's rio looks like with a custom wallpaper. (though it looks kinda out of place here)

And for some reason, drawterm uses a resolution of 2732x768. Could be related to my dual screen though

Unfortunately on servers is kinda slow for me atm, I suppose it is due to my ISP, so I took the chance to copy some of my remote config to my local 9front install on Raspberry Pi.

This is drawterm connected to my pi3 over my local network.

Oh, one of the best things is that I FINALLY got the NTP configuration working (thanks to SDF wiki!). For some reason the 9front pi image doesn't have NTP configured by default, so my machine was living in the 70's

Since the bootcamp has started, I'm gonna try updating both birdsite and here.

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