Since I was studying for monitoring the students of algorithms and data structures, here's a picture of Acme while I was testing an implementation of an AVL tree, built entirely in Plan 9.

The special thing here is that while everything was done in Plan 9, it saved remotely to my Linux laptop as my laptop's root was mounted in /mnt/term through drawterm.

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I wonder why you are pushing the nil nodes into the queue?🤔
Just kidding🤣

@yrabbit Indeed, it's useless to do that on that particular function...

The one right below it needs this so I could picture the tree from the output (I was lazy, didnt want to write something to display a proper tree on console)

.@alchemist Following your lead! Some Go (for now!) development on my 9front box. (Writing a small SigV4 package as an exercise, mostly.) Working on files mounted from a musclefs instance thousands of mile away (one of the windows shows the fs command console).

@nicolagi I installed Plan 9 from User Space on my Linux, and before I realized, I was opening sam and acme to edit files.

I suppose I could live developing stuff in drawterm and doing the building with a script on a Linux terminal in other virtual desktop... 😁

@alchemist Nice :) I usually do that as well. I just wanted to give myself a chance to try and run the OS on the bare metal. I like the fact that I can't escape out of the VM window to look for easy way outs (which ultimately hinder my learning). Let's see how long this lasts. 😂

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