@emacs any people that can explain what's going on here where pressing tab to reindent Lisp will bump everything in to 4 characters, then move back to 2 characters if you press tab again (where it will then stay on subsequent tab presses)?


@bkhl @emacs Lisp indentation in Emacs mixes tab and spaces by default, could be related to how tabs are rendered in an Org file.

Plus, this prepended indentation seems reminiscent of an old version of Org, You should visit the Org website and add the official repo to your package-archives variable, then update Org or install org-plus-contrib.

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@alchemist @emacs I get the same thing with or without indent-tabs-mode. I'll try to upgrade org-mode and see if that helps. Didn't know it was so actively developed that you needed to keep ahead of your distribution package, so thanks for that suggestion.

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