"UNIX: A History and a Memoir"(cont/3) book is dangerous.

It drags you into follow-ups:
- another night on cat-v.org/ , a brilliant and "fun" place
- worse, installing a new vm with Plan9. Even worser: getting a second vm as a part of @SDF #Plan9 bootcamp.

Here's my local #9front attached to remote #Plan9 CPU server:

@opr @SDF How exactly did you attach to the remote CPU server?

@alchemist @opr type 'cpu -h ip -u glenda' then run 'rio' if you'd like.


@SDF @opr It seems 9front is not friendly towards that. :/ But running it from the VPS install itself works fine.

@alchemist @opr are you running a cpu server on your 9front instance?

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