@alchemist And someone who thought that using dbus to switch keyboard layouts is a great idea, need to be castrated over low heat. This bullshit does not have network transparency.

@yrabbit @alchemist Maybe dbus is what's fucking me over? I keep running xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap, and my settings stay for like a minute, then they are overriden by some asshole thing or another. I have resorted to a cron job that constantly runs xmodmap to try to force it to take.

@bamfic @alchemist I can neither confirm nor refute this statement. The last time I tried to find out what was wrong with the dbus and fcitx (the layout switch that I use for Chinese) was Dec 19, 2016🤣
With regards to xmodmap, I permanently change some keys by compiling layout (xkbcomp).


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