I think I'm gonna just bring down my "IRL" blog and use my SDF page. Seems like a reasonable choice.
And then, I could script something in Common Lisp to process ORG files and turn them into blog posts.

@alchemist there had to be a static site generator out there already that will do that...

Not that I'm trying to dissuade you.

@icefox Oh, I suppose there is.
I was trying to convince myself to write a tool just for the joy of it, but if it turns out to be just another project I'll drop, then I'll just grab a static website generator.

@alchemist You probably don't even have to write much; there's a backend for Org Mode that exports to Github-flavor Markdown, and Jekyll (which runs fine on SDF) will process those into blog entries using a template of your choice. You'd just need a hook to kick off `jekyll build` from within Emacs if you wanted to do everything from in there, once you got it set up.

@kadin Awesome, didn't know I could use Jekyll on SDF. Thanks a lot!

@alchemist Yep, I have it for my blog. (Which is ugly but that's not Jekyll's fault!) It's pretty slick!

I don't remember what it took (if anything) to install, so it couldn't have been *that* bad. IIRC either it's installed systemwide or it installed in userland via the Ruby gem package manager-thingy.

@kadin I've just seen your blog. It is looking pretty good! Love it.

I'm still getting a hang of all SDF features. Every time I read any docs or explore, I find something new. I'll try using Jekyll then -- had some experience setting it up on GitLab, it can't be harder.

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