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According to the Mueller Report, @adam Curry's hair is the best hair in the universe! #Fact #ThatsTrue

I recently discovered org-mode. I wish I learned about this when I was in school.

I don't even know why instance domain blocks are so popular, it's easy to do per-person domain blocks

One week post disable/delete Twitter. feeling better. It's all on Adam and John now to give me the news. No pressure or anything.

Dear every news outlet ever: STOP SAYING "LGBTQ" WHEN YOU MEAN BISEXUAL. You say "gay" when you mean gay. Say "bisexual" when you mean bisexual. Why is it so effing hard for y'all to say the word?!


Sysadmins: "It's secure because it's in a container"


@adam @gab Yeah, still not sure how I survived the 80's. a toxic era. daily ritual was how shitfaced can you get without dying? that lasted 30 years.
#HeadBangersBall I have 100s of hours on vhs. It was a blast but I wouldn't do it again given the choice of living in #HomogeneousWhiteSociety vs a 24/7 party life. a lot of people died doing the party thing or ended up in prison.

Whoops, I forgot to create my dynamic tunnel on this SSH session. No problem, just press [enter] in the ssh session, then literally ~C to open the SSH options prompt (ssh>). You can then specify your tunnel option of -D 8022 or whatever and it will create it.

But don’t write them down on Dropbox because those bastards will share it with just about anyone.

My girlfriend squeezes a loaf of bread and pretends it's an accordion. This is how I know she's the one for me.🍞❀️

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