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My favorite DOS game was troubleshooting memory management problems.

@scrow So, was it able to transmit a poop emoji? My Spot Messenger can't. Nor can it receive them.

I have moved here: @akraut@infosec.exchange

@caddr Tell Gary and Mullin that Opie says "hello"!

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The "big mood" meme is actually an admission that the vocabulary we have for describing commonly occurring mental states and sentiments is inadequate, and that we need to be on the lookout for recognizable intersubjective discursive objects that can be used to convey what we actually feel when words fail us

which, admittedly, is beautiful af

@sikkdays@mastodon.social I'm on a Moto Z and while I'm still on Android 8.0.0, I still get security updates. I've really liked the Motorola hardware though. How's the Essential hold up hardware wise?

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